Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama not the messiah many thought he was

Today all of the people who voted for Obama because they didn't want any more of the George Bush type war mongering Republicans in office, should start to have their eyes opened a little. I know many people who didn't want to vote for George Bush because while he was against abortion he was for war and that kind of killing. Though war is vastly different than abortion, maybe people will see that war is not only necessary sometimes but that Democrats and others do the same things that Republicans do. Today Obama killed 9 people in Pakistan. So Obama and Bush, both for war but only Bush was against abortion.

Suspected US Missile Strike Kills 9 in Pakistan

Beyond this one eye opener, I am afraid that over the next four years it will becom clear that Obama has no answers. The economy will likely take a long time to recover, the "war on terror" will likely be more of a losing battle, freedom of speech will be restricted and the world will not fall down and love America.

Obamas accomplishments this week.

Obama wants your tax dollars to pay for foreign abortions

Less secuirty for the US more freedom for terrorists

Obama Tells Israel to open border for terrorism

Obama picks tax cheat to head IRS

Obama picks Secratary of State who has huge conflicts of interest because her family routinely accepts large amounts of money from foreign governments and sources.

Obama breaks campaign promise and starts filling his Administration with lobbyists

and don't forget the Obama administration's

Suspected US Missile Strike Kills 9 in Pakistan

What's next?

Obama wants to spend $825 Billion