Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Politics aside…

Politics aside…you can’t put politics aside. To most people it just seems like the discussion of politics is something to avoid because it’s filled with such strong emotions and can cause serious arguments. The problem is that while you don’t have to argue with someone over political views, you have to pay attention because politics is nothing more than the leaders of the world making choices that will have not just immediate impact but that will have impact locally and possibly internationally for many years ahead.

Personally I believe Obama is doing America so much harm that I’m willing to vote for anybody to beat him in 2012, even if it’s another moderate liberal like John McCain. The problem is when you consider the end times, you may understand that one much worse than Obama is coming, not necessarily as our president but as some kind of world leader. The liberals aren’t so tired of Obama yet but if he keeps up his actions and winds up being the predicted return of Jimmy Carter in terms of liberal ideologue politics that leave us with a misery index., even the liberals will be ready for someone else in four years. America may still be intoxicated under the hope and change ™ of the Obama rhetoric and will fail to see how bad things are in four years, however this illustrates what kind of effect politics can have on the average persons mindset. Under these types of conditions, would Americans be willing to accept an Antichrist who will seem so much better and not look too deep because anyone will have to be better than Obama or someone like him? This is undoubtedly a little of what happed to elect Obama, because so many people got wrapped up in Bush derangement syndrome and thought that his politics were so bad that they would vote for any Democrat to get away from Bush’s party.

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