Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Four things I think you should watch.

Over the last few months there have been four key factors that I think may lead to some serious problems and that relate to the end times. What I'm about to write about is not a prediction or prophecy of any kind, just four things I think should be watched carefully. I wasn't originally sure what exactly would happen with these four issues. I'm not even sure exactly what will happen now but I have an idea of what I think may happen. If these things do happen the future could be very difficult.

1) Iran. Iran is the most obvious and has been all over the news but I didn't know how this would play out. I think the United States or Israel probably need to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities to stop them from developing a nuclear bomb. Financial and all other sanctions seem to have done little to the political will of Iran to keep enriching uranium. Enrichment of uranium can play a key role in developing a nuclear bomb. However bad the repercussions would be for the US or Israel for bombing Iran, letting Iran get a nuclear bomb will likely be a much worse situation. Iran does not have to nuke Israel for the worst to be realized, though they may try. If Iran gets nuclear weapons they will start proliferation in the middle east and really make that area a powder keg. In fact we have seen Saudi Arabia, Syria and other nations now become interested in nuclear capabilities also. Also Iran will be able to control the Middle East more than it already does just because it has a nuclear bomb to back them up. Iran will start telling the US what to do and we will start listening carefully and complying with their wishes. What I think will most likely happen is that neither the US or Israel will bomb Iran anytime soon. I think not bombing them will either bring about some of these very serious problems or we will bomb Iran but very late ion the game and Iran will have already built a nuclear weapon to use or to pass on to radical Islamist terrorists.

2) Iraq. My worst fear for Iraq is that they will start to become very independent. This doesn't sound bad, but what I mean is that they will become a very independent Muslim Sharia state that is not a friend of the United States. With the current headlines stating that Iraq wants a timetable for the US to leave it looks like things may be heading this way.

3) The Israel peace process. I think everyone knows that if Israel signs some kind of peace treaty with the Palestinians for seven years that this will have huge implications and likely fulfill a major prophecy. At the moment it looks like the Israel PM will do anything to get peace with the Palestinians including ignoring serious problems with the process.

4) Obama. I know many people do not think the US has anything to do with end time prophecy. However I think the US and other players can have a direct role on things that will be part of prophecy even if the US itself is not listed in prophecy. I think it is very likely that Barrack Obama will become the next president and that he will make some disastrous decisions and mistakes in foreign policy that will have serious and long-term repercussions.

I could be wrong and everything I think might happen will not happen at all. I hope I am wrong, but I do not believe so. Time will tell.

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