Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Real life actually is dumber than fiction.

You may be wondering what I’m talking about. Let me tell you. I’m a fan of Joel Rosenberg’s novels but I don’t have lot of time to read for pleasure nowadays so I’m still working my way through the third book in Rosenberg’s Last Jihad series. All that to say that I’m at a point in the novel where the Antichrist figure is beginning to fool the world and world powers. As I’m reading I’m saying to myself “OK Rosenberg, you’re writing is just weak here, the world isn’t going to roll over and be fooled by such simple talk that sounds good but we all know is bologna." Maybe democrats will fall for this kind of speech from Barack Obama but world leaders won’t just forget about everything that has been important to them to follow some hollow words by an obviously evil leader.

Now this morning I read a few stories in the news and I realize that it’s not that Rosenberg is so much a weak writer in some places as he is accurately writing about weak characters who are all too real.

If you read this story below you will see how the world is all too ready to believe that Iran’s president really wants peace and prosperity and wants to end the double standard in the U.N. that favors the United States and it’s allies. This is right out of Rosenberg’s book in some eerie ways.

Iran on the UN Security Council

I had always thought that when the Antichrist comes that he will fool almost everyone completely except for the Christians because he will be very smart about hiding who he really is. But now I think it may be that many will see this evil leader for who he is, but many more will be fooled by his slick words because they want to believe those words.
So I can’t help but wonder, is the world really doing appeasement all over again with countries like Iran, North Korea and radical Islam, or is the world just sticking it’s collective head in the sand. Either way we need to be really worried.

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