Saturday, August 16, 2008

Russia and Iran: Defer, Negotiate, Defer.

Negotiate and defer and repeat! Did the Russians learn it from the Iranians or vice versa? This is the game that Iran has been playing with its nuclear enrichment and facilities for the last five years. Now Russia is playing that game perfectly, over it’s war in Georgia. They say, “We’ll stop fighting soon” and then don’t. Then they say “We just need to do a little more.” Next comes the denial, “oh we’re not really in any major Georgian towns.” Then they say they are in the major towns but they have to be there for safety purposes and because they need to restore law and order where they attacked and Georgia can’t take care of itself. Then they defer some more and say they’re bringing in more troops because they need those to safely leave? Does this make any sense? They have no plans of leaving any time soon unless someone pushes them out.

Meanwhile the US shows just how much of a paper tiger it really is. The President says things, like “You better get out or we’ll talk tough some more.” Meanwhile Russia sees right through our empty threats and ignores them. Russia has seen first hand that the US will do nothing in Iran and will do nothing in Georgia or anywhere else. In fact we won’t even give Israel the go ahead to defend itself against Iran because it will hurt our economic interests. The US seems to be really confused over who its allies really are. At this point Canada could invade and we’d say something like “You better go back or we’ll stop trading bacon with you.”
Don’t worry, I’m sure it will all work out, Russia probably just needs a little breathing room. Oh and Iran may need some too.

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