Monday, August 4, 2008

World War III may be coming no matter what we do.

We may be facing World War 3 no matter what we do. This is a serious statement that I hope is not true but I am afraid is true.

I have long worried about President Bush not doing enough to stop Iran but reading the following article (Pakistan, Iran and Bush’s Last Months) made me realize what should be obvious. Bush is afraid to attack Iran and other countries that harbor terrorists, despite his tough talk several years ago. If we really need to go after all the countries that harbor terrorists we would need to do some serious work in Pakistan and probably several other countries. America can barely stomach the extent of the war on terror that we’re fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan let alone opening several more fronts. But people need to realize this is all one war and not several wars. But for America to go after Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and others, it would really be world war 3 and America would find itself mostly fighting the war by itself.

The alternative is to finish Iraq, try to apply what we learned in Iraq and hope to succeed in Afghanistan. Then to hope Iran won’t really do anything and that we’ll eventually get other terrorists in countries like Pakistan with the help of the government. The first problem is that we would only be dealing with the terrorists that we know of while leaving training camps and infrastructure in place. This will leave room for terrorists to continue to operate, terrorists that we don’t know enough about. Also hoping Iran isn’t really dumb enough to attack Israel isn’t a realistic approach. Iran may or may not attack Israel but for sure they are up to something that will not be small and will have repercussions for the entire world.

I believe Iran will eventually do something and possibly with the help of other countries and that this may well lead to world war 3 but with America very much on the defensive. Some people might think this is OK but the cost we will pay could be very heavy and one not worth paying so that we can just hope everything works out while we see the storm clouds on the horizon.

I can understand being afraid and not wanting to start world war 3 and go it alone. However doing nothing but appeasing or hoping sanctions will work may lead to a far worse situation. While we hope for the best we continue to give the enemy time to strengthen and plan.

On Another note I’m astonished again how things that Joel Rosenberg wrote about in the Ezekiel Option seem to be coming true, at least in a way that foreshadows what may come. I read an article where a Professor suggests that they way to peace is for Israel to give up it’s nuclear arsenal and then Iran will do the same and to entice Israel to give up its weapons the EU and others will promise to protect her. This is right out of Rosenberg’s book where the UN eventually passes a resolution to get Israel to get rid of it’s nuclear weapons because Iran has promised to do so. America’s response to the UN resolution was not to veto it but to abstain and instead ask Israel to give up its nukes in return from promises from America and NATO to protect her.

Be on the watch and share the love of Jesus, the times we are in are indeed troubling.

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