Monday, September 29, 2008

Where is the Peace Treaty?

One of the few things I was worried about earlier this year was the peace process in Israel. I was worried because it seemed like their might be a treaty coming before the end of the year. I’m not against peace but I know that this particular peace treaty would not lead to real peace but likely to war and maybe the war of Armageddon seven years after it was signed.

However I was being short sighted in some ways. One of the reasons I believed there might be a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians is because Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert seemed bound to have “peace in our time” at almost any price. In the past Olmert had said that Israel was tired of fighting and tired of being brave. This obviously can only lead to weakness and loosing when you say you are tired of winning. This is especially true when your enemy doesn’t believe in compromise and only wants to win.

So why should the Palestinians give up now and take less than what they feel they can get? The answer is they won’t likely give up for peace while they are in a position of strength. Peace is never dictated by the party that is weaker.

But when will it come? What are the Palestinians waiting for? Even though Olmert was willing to give up virtually everything he could give up, it wasn’t enough. Will they make peace after another war from Hezbollah weakens Israel even more? Are they waiting for Iran to nuke Israel and take what’s left?

We know that in the end Israel won’t be wiped off the map. And no matter how much the Palestinians are offered it will never be enough because there demands always include things that will spell certain destruction for Israel. Even when Israel first became a nation and took up far less space than it does now, her enemies were not satisfied and tried to destroy Israel. They have not given up and the so called Palestinians are just part of another front in the war to remove Israel.

But at some point we know there will be a peace treaty between Israel and her neighbors. But how will this happen? Could it be that Israel will finally do something to show that she is in the stronger position? Or will it be when a charismatic Arab leader arises and gets the Palestinians to give into a peace treaty with the plan that the treaty is just a step towards Israel’s destruction? It may be either one of these or something else. Right now I wonder what would happen if Israel were to take out Iran or do something else to put themselves in such a position of power that they could dictate a peace treaty?

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