Monday, October 13, 2008

The current economic crisis may lead to something worse

One of the writers on my endtimes website wrote an article about how the ride of the four horsemen will happen in a specific order and that, that’s how we will know that it is occurring and that we are not there now. This may be true but one thing that can be said of some endtime events is that they may not fulfill a specific prophecy but instead lay the groundwork for other prophecies to be filled. As I have said before I do no think that Barrack Obama is the Antichrist but being a hollow charismatic leader that people will so quickly follow shows us how easily the Antichrist could come on the scene and that Barrack Obama may be one precursor of the Antichrist. In the same way the current financial crisis may not be the one that leads people to pay a day’s wage for a loaf of bread that the Bible talks about it may cause the world to start working more earnestly if even somewhat secretly towards a world economic system with one currency to help facilitate a mark of the beast system where no one could buy or sell without the mark.

How could this be happening? Have you ever heard about a company or seen a politician announce some program that already seems to be underway? It happens because these things have been worked on behind the scenes before they were announced. Now with the world being ravaged by the current financial mess, governments in the next few months and years may be eager to avoid such a problem in the future. With this in mind it is conceivable that they would plan to create a world market to help stabilize the situation. Bush’s meeting with world leaders looking for a fix to the problem was already pointed to as a positive sign that we would work with the world rather than isolate ourselves, which they say caused more problems during the great depression.

Though a one-world currency may be far off for now the building blocks of such a thing have likely already started and will now probably grow at a more rapid rate.

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