Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No way Obama could be the antichrist, right?

It's amazing how different end times teachers and websites keep recieving questions about whether or not Obama "the One" is the Antichrist. What amazes me more though is their answer. There tend to be three answers that I have seen. No he's not because he's not a European leader, no he's not because he didn't come out of the Islamic empire or no because too many people think he could be the antichrist.

The first two answers make me think that too many people who study the "end times" are too stuck to their or someone elses interpretation. Even if one of those interpretations is correct, it's too dangerous to say this person or that person isn't the antichrist because they don't fit what we expected. Many people missed Jesus coming because they expected something else. We should only follow what the Bible says concerning the identity of the antichrist, but be careful to understand what the Bible says and what are our intepretations.

The last reason, is also a really bad reason. When people say too many people think someone is the antichrist so they can't be, that almost makes a more convincing argument that they may be the antichrist. If everyone is saying he can't be the antichrist for whatever reason, that makes the candidate all the more possible that he could be the antichrist.

I don't believe the Bible says the antichrist will be a surprise and no one will see him coming. It does say many will be fooled by the antichrist, and even the elect would have been if it were possible (meaning they wouldn't be). But some of the elect may be fooled in the begining stages. Obama may not be the antichrist but if he were to keep doing more and more things that make him look the antichrist, how many prophecy experts will say he's not the antichrist even if he were to setup the obomination of desolation?

I don't think Obama is necessarily the antichrist, but it is possible. It will become more apparent over time whether he is or isn't and if he isn't when the antichrist does come on the scene, if the church is still here it will become more and more apparent.

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