Monday, November 3, 2008

Hope and Change and World War 3?

As much as I hope it’s not true, a young charismatic man with a gift for giving speeches and telling people that he will save them from themselves and the economic crisis and from being looked down at by the world is about to become the leader of the lone superpower in the world. This sounds similar to the way Hitler came to power.

Obama has also called for a national civilian defense force that is as strong as and as well funded as the military.

There are news stories of Egypt and Syria building up troops along the border with Israel. Iran has been threatening that Israel is going to be wiped off the map. Iran is also enriching uranium, which they say is for nuclear power but that many fear is for a nuclear weapon. Last weekend there was an earthquake in Iran that an Iranian scientist said was a nuclear test.

Is the world about to change?

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