Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Evil is coming

We have nothing to fear but fear itself, words spoken many years ago that still hold deep meaning. Indeed we should not be afraid if we have faith and trust in God through His son Jesus. Let us not forget though that the world is full of all kinds of evil and that we must be careful.

On a daily basis people are hit with spam, adware and viruses that go from commercial and harmless to outright viscous attacks. Why are there smart people out there creating such havoc for seemingly no logical reason sometimes? There are of course financial and other nefarious reasons sometimes but many viruses are just downright destructive with only malice as the goal. Of course the technical problems I’m talking about are eclipsed by the violence and murder and other wickedness in the world. But our world seems to be almost completely corrupt at times.

There is a news story about banks across the country receiving threatening letters with white powder in them. So far the powder has proved harmless but this reminds everyone of the 2001 Anthrax attacks that happened after 9/11. So my first thought is, is this another dry run test attack or some guy who got made at the bank because they foreclosed on his house? It could be either,

Bin Laden seems to put out a tape every now and then threatening the United States and the West. The most recent includes a threat of forest fires. People wonder if this is just talk because no attack has happened in the US since 9/11. Is this all just part of the terrorists plans to scare us? It could be, especially since we weren’t sent any warning about airplanes before September 11th. But the threat is real and we could be attacked by Bin Laden or radical Muslims in ways that we haven’t even thought of yet at any time.

As we face this coming election we must consider the evil that we face. If Barrack Obama is elected will the terrorists find the United States weakened by socialist domestic and ignorant foreign policy? Will they then attack us or wait for us to be eroded from within?

We must vote to protect the unborn and to protect our country from all attackers foreign and domestic. Regardless of the outcome we must be prepared. Our first priority is to be prepared spiritually but now is the time to be prepared as much as we can in other ways. We can’t store up treasures here that we may not ever get to use but now is the time to simplify your life and learn to get by with less. Now is also the time to do what you can to keep yourself protected from the coming evil.

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