Monday, October 27, 2008

In what days are we living?

The title of this BLOG is Discerning the Days. It seems as though we are living in interesting times, which may in fact be the last days. I’m sure many have thought that they were living in perilous and difficult times and that they were living in the end times. However, regardless of the difficulty of those times they turned out not to be the last days.

I will not rehash all of the reasons that I think we may or may not be in the end times. However let us take a look around with some perspective. What is happening in the world may indicate some serious challenges that may lead to prophetic fulfillment, but let us pay attention to what is happening with caution.

That being said let me talk about the current events and try to discern the days we are living in, at least as much as humanly possible without direct divine direction. Everyone in the United States and many around the world it seems are focusing on the upcoming presidential elections. This is not just because the US may elect its first black president. It may be partly because we may elect our first president with a Muslim background. It does have much to do with the fact that Obama like Kerry before him wants to take the country in a direction that would favor those outside of the country to a level never before done. Obama seems to have plans to sit down and make nice with our enemies and to conform our government to that of socialist and progressive countries around the world.

Liberals on the Supreme Court have been using international law to direct their rulings for several years now, despite the fact that it is their job to uphold the constitution not foreign law. Obama has made it clear that he thinks the constitution has fundamental flaws that cannot be fixed and that he plans to use the courts (a judicial body) to legislate changes that he thinks are needed. If Obama were elected president he would likely appoint at least one or two Supreme Court justices. Obama would also appoint many lower court justices where the constitution is also being destroyed.

It seems as if Obama had his preferences, the United States would mirror most European countries that have socialistic governments. Maybe he would want the US to be like Germany, which has outlawed home schooling. He would like the US to allow Gay marriage such as in the Netherlands. He seems to have voted so much in favor of abortion (and death) that he would probably like the US to be like Belgium where euthanasia is legal. No doubt Obama wants the US to be the abortion capital of the world where abortion on demand is and will be allowed through the entire nine months of the baby’s life in the womb and in some cases outside of the womb. Though Obama claims to be a Christian I have no doubt he would also do more to remove God from the public square and label it tolerance and fairness.

Another very important thing to consider is that Israel will likely also undergo elections soon. The government there over the past several years has been more and more willing to give up it’s own land to appease terrorists and the Prime Minister has said that Israel was tired of being brave and tired of winning. An election could finally turn the country around to one that would hold onto it’s own land and not give in to terrorists. Or an election there could continue to make things worse and give the new Prime Minister a mandate to sell out even further. One thing seems likely, the weeks and months ahead for Israel are key to its short term and possibly long term future. The same is also true for the US.

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